About Us

"The great thing about taxidermy is, it goes with everything."

-Darwin Man-

Our Company

Bespoke Taxidermy was founded by the Dutch Taxidermist and Collector Nick Peters, who has been collecting a broad variety of natural history related specimens for the past 50 years. We have now decided to start offering items from this collection, which was brought together with knowledge, experience and a profound understanding of the world of animals through the years.


Nick has supplied the world's most esteemed museums and provided pieces for renowned artists such as Damien Hirst's 'Something Solid Beneath the Surface of All Creatures Great and Small'


Taxidermy is born out of the love of the nature and the beauty that each animal possesses. With this in mind each piece is worked upon with the greatest level of respect and care by Nick himself. Time and patience coupled with the wealth of knowledge, acquired over many years goes into each piece, resulting in spectacular taxidermy works that are truly unique.

Beautiful Taxidermy

Bespoke Taxidermy offer fine taxidermy to private collectors, science, natural history museums, film and theatre production and interior design companies. Bespoke Taxidermy has a unique assortment of mounted mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, skulls, skeletons and weird and wonderful and curious taxidermy pieces.

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